Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CD 14, 1 DPIUI, feeling alright

I am actually OK today. DH and I BD'd lst night, and I am pretty sure that his load was much higher than the sample from yesterday. HA! TMI, I know, but heck, I had to get more in there, ya know. Around 8:00pm yesterday, I had the ovulation cramping, so I am pretty confindent that the eggs released. Come one, eggies!!

I feel optimistic and pretty darn happy today. I've been a good girl--I'm keeping my feet warm, drinking "spiced" hot teas, breathing, relaxing, feeling quite positive. I am supposed to start prometr.ium Wednesday evening. I'll be taking it twice a day until, and this time I get to take it intravaginally. I guess the side effects are limited if I do it this way rather than orally. When I was taking it last time, I was having the most awful side effects: it always felt like I had to pee although I didn't, constipation, headaches, insomnia. Yuck!

So, lots of laundry to do for this rainy evening. Did I mention we are moving yet again? Yup. We are finally out of this horrible place and moving to another place in the neighborhood we really want to live in. I'm almost done packing!!! Did I mention how much I loathe moving?

Happy Tuesday!


Kim said...

LOL- you made me laugh out loud! Congrats on the BD - nice icing on the cake, hunh?!
I had moving too- but you'll be happy when it's over. xoxoxox

Kitty said...

I'm so glad you're feeling more optimistic today. :) Go eggies, and go swimmers!!!

Congrats on the move, I hope it goes quick and easy!

Jill said...

Good luck! Hope that egg is overwhelmed with all the invaders ;)

I hear you about moving. Hubby and I have lived in seven places in our seven years of marriage. I can't look at empty boxes without evaluating them for their packing potential! Have fun!

Kari said...

Sounds good and I hope things are going well in there!! The only bad part about the prometrium that I found was it leaks out and makes a little bit of a mess. It's not too bad but pantyliners will be your friend. So glad you're moving to where you want to be!! Keep taking it easy.

Gurlee said...

Nice work, DH! I am glad you are feeling more optimistic. I hope the egg and sperm have joined and are begining their fantastic life together :)
Ugh, moving sucks. Do take it easy!

Allison said...


Ugh, moving sucks, but happy news that you're moving to where you want! :)