Monday, June 28, 2010

CD13, IUI a complete failure

Well, maybe not, but I understand percentages and numbers, and I can tell you that 1.7 million sperm post-wash is bad bad bad.


The doc said that it looked like a different man. Then I asked her, "Is it?" I know it's not, though. DH had *ahem* troubles this morning. He worked all weekend and woke up crabby and took a hot shower before his he did his "job." Whatever. I am over it. His numbers were 6 million pre wash, and the ones that made it inside of me were a 77% motility, so that it good.

I am not expecting anything wonderful here. The honest truth is that I feel a bit relieved--if this doesn't work, for the first time I won't feel like it's all my fault. This time, it's his, too.


Circus Princess said...

Wow, I'm sorry. Weird how it changes from one month to another, but I'll repeat that old saying over and over "all it takes is one". Lots of hugs and positive thinking coming your way!

Kari said...

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry. I will echo the it just takes one. I am sending positive vibes your way and hoping this is it and right now the magic swimmer is making his way to the egg!! Try to relax and pamper yourself!! Keep those feet warm!! :)

Kitty said...

Aw crap. I'm sorry, lady!! I'm keeping the hope going for you anyway, there's always a chance.

Alex said...

Wow - I'm so sorry the numbers weren't great. I hope this makes the 2ww easier, but it really only takes one little swimmer! Sounds like they're good swimmers!!!