Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Up all night and totally excited about it

So I spent the overnight on the couch with horrible cramps and mucho bleeding, and somewhere between 3 and 4 O'Clock in the AM, sometime after my 80th ad.vil and 34th al.eve, I got really excited. My period is the problem, not IF, so when I go see the MD in a few weeks, I will make sure that anything, any testing, is coded for heavy periods, heavy heavy cramps, and along with mid-cycle bleeding, there can be no freakin way that the insurance company can deny testing of my fibroids, uterine abnormalities, etc. I mean, sheesh, today I was so tired and loopy from AF that I could barely teach. This is a medical issue, a medically treated condition per the verbiage from my docs, not infertility.

So there. Those insurance bitches are covering my whatever (not IVF, of course), and you better believe I will fight to the death for it.


elephantscanremember said...

You'd better believe it! That is completely necessary. I am sorry you have to go through so much pain. Here's to hoping they don't add to it.


addingtothepack said...

Pelvic pain is my favorite diagnosis code. Good luck!

Circus Princess said...

Go CJ, you fight those insurance beatches to the death! You're entitled to leading a pain free life and they better cover it!!

Amy said...

I hate the insurance companies. I'm hopeful you are able to get the testing and treatment you need.

tishi said...

Hi, you commented on my blog and I wanted to
ask you a question...........are you still not running?
it was spinning I gave up....thinking all the bouncing
around was knocking possible babies off my uterine
lining :) I am sure that this is not possible, but
I still have a hard time going back to spinning and
feeling like its a good idea. What do we do???