Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zen on a Sunday afternoon

I had to stop what I am doing right now and tell you what I am experiencing at this moment: DH is at work and it is just me and the dog. It is 60 something (cold for us in the deep south), the old wood windows are wide open, I'm wearing black fuzzy foot booties, comfy grey pants, a pink t-shirt and a worn-out navy hoodie. My I.POD is blasting my collection of Con.crete Bl.ond loudly and I don't care if I am disturbing the neighbors; they are all probably watching the football game, anyway. I am in the throes of grading some really badly written papers. The air smells crisp and clean, and the kettle on the stove is whistling at me, alerting me it's time for tea.

It's good to be employed, to be in love, to be alive, and to be jamming.


elephantscanremember said...

I am in the deep south too (from Oklahoma), but I was so ready for this weather. It's nice.

I do hope your work goes by quickly and you fully enjoy your tea and music.

Circus Princess said...

What a nice, perfect moment. Have a continued wonderful day, week, month and year :)

addingtothepack said...

Sounds like a good afternoon to me! I have been enjoying busting out the fuzzy socks now that fall is here.

MK said...

This post made me happy. :)